The schools’ approach to research as collaborative and community-based requires explicit supports for developing the relationships and understanding that ground research-practice partnerships. If you are interested in proposing a study, the first step is getting to know our schools and our communities. To facilitate this research development stage, we offer the following supports:  

  • Resources on this website to learn about the schools’ histories, contexts, and priorities
  • Quarterly Study Tours
  • Symposia and Convenings
  • Research-Practice Partnership Interest Form + Follow-up Conversations

The next stage of the research process involves submitting a formal proposal for review by the Research and Accountability Committee at the appropriate site (or at both sites for cross-school research), in accordance with the policies of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Prospective researchers must complete the online Application to Conduct Research at UCLA Community Schools (which mirrors the LAUSD application) as well as secure approval from the appropriate Institutional Review Board. The Research Director announces new proposals at each monthly meeting of the Research and Accountability Committee and recruits two reviewers for each proposal–one representing the school community and the other representing UCLA. The third reviewer represents the school district’s Committee on External Research Review (CERR) and participates in the process, per the partnership MOU, as a member of each school’s Research and Accountability Committee. The Research Director assembles the reviews and presents a proposal to the committee to approve the proposal, invite a revised proposal, or reject the proposal. If the committee approves the proposal, it is sent to the Principal for final review and approval.