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November 2020 Community Schools News

UCLA Community School in Los Angeles, California. (photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action) This week, tens of thousands of California seniors are…
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The UCLA Center for Community Schooling is a campus-wide initiative to advance university-assisted community schools. As stable anchor institutions, universities play a unique role as K-12 community school partners. Our research, teaching, and service missions inform and are informed by the work of local schools and communities. In partnership, we are poised to disrupt historical inequalities and reimagine schooling as a public good that prepares all students to succeed in college, careers, and civic life.

UCLA Community School has engaged in this work for a decade and the Mann UCLA Community School partnership began in 2016. The UCLA Center for Community Schooling was created to study and share the work of these schools and join with others to unite the K-12 community schools movement with higher education civic engagement reforms.

The UCLA Community Schools are part of a growing University-assisted Community Schools Network convened by the national Coalition for Community Schools and the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships.  

The artwork on this website was part of a larger public school mural project at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in May 2016. The UCLA Community School is one of six autonomous schools that share the RFK campus in the central Los Angeles neighborhood of Pico Union/Koreatown.