A publication of the UCLA Center for Community Schooling, featuring multimedia public scholarship to inform the collective struggle for democracy, justice and public education.


Karen Hunter Quartz

Associate Editor

Marisa Saunders

Editorial Assistant

Lauren Kinnard

Editorial Board

Diego Chavez, Student, RFK UCLA Community School

Bianca del Rio, Executive Director, University-Assisted Community School Programs, Netter Center for Community Partnerships, University of Pennsylvania

Annamarie Francois, Executive Director, Center X, UCLA School of Education & Information Studies

Symone Gyles, Postdoctoral Scholar, Goodlad Institute for Educational Renewal, University of Washington, Bothell School of Educational Studies

Kevin Kane, Director, UCLA Visual and Performing Arts Education

Christa Rowland, Western Regional Deputy Director, Coalition for Community Schools at Institute for Educational Leadership

Curtiss Sarikey, Chief of Staff, Oakland Unified School District

Kyle Serrette, Senior Policy Analyst, National Education Association 

Yao Wang, Student, RFK UCLA Community School

Cora Watkins, Director, Community Schools Initiative, Los Angeles Unified School District

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The global pandemic has renewed public interest in the community schools approach, a century old reform movement that centers the school in the strengths and needs of local neighborhoods. This movement is often framed as an effort to provide wrap-around services such as health and after-school programs. Community schools also represent a radical rethinking of who has knowledge, how young people learn, and how teachers teach. To support this rethinking, we are launching a new multi-media, open access journal with four features:

  1. School Cases
  2. Teacher Scholarship
  3. Youth Research
  4. Policy ABCs

These features are intended for a wide, practice-focused audience–to help the growing network of community schools develop into powerful whole-child sites of learning and social transformation. We invite you to subscribe to receive future issues and to contact us with any questions or feedback. 


Community schools are defined by their particular histories, contexts, people, and ideas. In this feature, we capture the process of becoming a community school in different contexts, highlighting the enduring themes and ideas that shape the community schools movement, such as democracy, justice, and education. Designed to be read in less than 10 minutes, in a faculty meeting or study group, the cases are intended to promote inquiry and dialogue and include a discussion protocol and links for further reading.


Community schools are about powerful teaching and learning. In this feature, we highlight the intellectual work of teachers. Through reports, briefs, blogs, sample curricula, podcasts, video or other media, we draw attention to the critical role of teachers within community schools. With the goal of advancing practices both within and beyond their classrooms, teachers demonstrate how ongoing professional learning, inquiry and processes support the conditions under which learning occurs, what it looks like, and how to deepen it. 


Community schools are grounded in the belief that the school belongs to the whole community—students, families, teachers and staff. In this feature, we highlight youth-led research that aims to improve students’ lives, learning experiences, schools, and communities. Youth research redefines who has the expertise to produce knowledge, provides critical insights into the issues faced by young people and offers important perspectives regarding how we can work collectively to solve those issues.


Community schools are part of a growing national reform movement. In this feature, we share Actions, Briefs, and Commentaries that connect the work of schools to the broader policy effort to advocate for change, pass laws, create programs, measure success, and support the ongoing growth and development of community schools nationwide.


Issue 5 – Spring 2024
Issue 4 – Summer 2023
Issue 3 – Fall 2022
Issue 2 – Spring 2022
Issue 1 – Fall 2021