Leadership Team

Karen Hunter Quartz

Director, UCLA Center for Community Schooling
Faculty, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

Karen Hunter Quartz led the design team to create the RFK UCLA Community School. Her research, teaching, and service support new school development, teacher autonomy and retention, and educational reform. Karen oversees a portfolio of research-practice partnerships at the UCLA Community Schools designed to advance democracy, inquiry, and change.

Jody Z. Priselac

Associate Dean of Community Programs, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Jody Z. Priselac oversees community programs and school partnerships within the graduate school. She has over 30 years of experience as a mathematics educator, serving in many roles, including high school teacher, professional development leader, teacher educator, and researcher.  Jody was a founding partner in creating the UCLA Community School and currently co-chairs the School Governing Council.

Marisa Saunders

Senior Researcher, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Marisa Saunders’ research aims to support and connect the work of the UCLA Community Schools to the broader community schools movement. In particular, her research explores the influence of teacher leadership on school improvement efforts, and student outcomes. Marisa serves on the UCLA Community School’s Research and Accountability Committee.

Anna Clark

UCLA Community School Liaison, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies
Anna Clark oversees partnership activities and programs that connect the K-12 campus and the university. Prior to joining the school community, Anna worked in nonprofit education directing science enrichment programs for schools throughout Los Angeles.

Rebekah M. Kang

School Leadership Representative
As one of the founding teachers of the RFK UCLA Community School, Rebekah M. Kang helped start and develop signature learning programs such as the Seminar Program and Integration Program for students with disabilities. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher, a UCLA Writing Project Fellow, and Teacher-Powered Schools Ambassador.

Graduate Student Researchers

Janet Cerda

Human Development & Psychology

Sidronio Jacobo

Higher Education & Organizational Change

Ung-Sang Lee

Urban Schooling

Karla Rivera-Torres

Human Development & Psychology

Evelyn Wang

Social Research Methodology