Our Partnership Vision
Advance DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE, and EDUCATION through community schooling in collaboration with local communities, in particular the UCLA Community School and the Mann UCLA Community School.  

We engage in democratic spaces that build on the assets of all members. These spaces include committees, governing boards, leadership teams, working groups, and other collaborative structures that make decisions and plan actions that advance justice and education. We also facilitate the engagement of other UCLA partners. 

We work to redistribute access to educational opportunities and resources for low-income students of color who have been historically marginalized in our educational system. This work includes mobilizing UCLA’s networks and resources to provide enrichment opportunities, mentors, and other supports. It also includes ensuring that UCLA learns from the schools and improves its college access, persistence, and outreach programs.

We support community-based education that builds on the assets of students, families, and teachers. This support takes many forms including RPPs designed to deepen learning and inform policy, Center X programs that prepare and sustain community teachers & leaders, and connections to other UCLA people and programs. We also support a feedback cycle within UCLA to advance community-based education throughout the university.

Our Partnership Theory of Change
Teaching, research, and service are the activities that advance our partnership vision and the four pillars of community schooling–both within the two schools and more broadly.

Our Work Inside Both Schools

Leadership and Communications
Represent UCLA, maintain strong relationships with school communities

Research-Practice Partnerships (RPPs)
Collaborative inquiry that informs practice, ensures accountability and creates knowledge (Research Apprenticeship Course, research committees)

Extended Learning Partnerships (ELPs)
Connecting UCLA, school, and community resources to extend the learning of all partners (Teacher Education Residents, BruinCorps Tutors, Summer Institute, etc.). 

Our Work Outside Both Schools

UCLA Consortium of Community Schools/LAUSD CS Initiative

Local, State, and National Community Schools Policy Development and Research Networks

Grant Writing & Fund raising, Fund Management, Reporting

External relations