August 2020 Community Schools News

This month, as our community schools prepare to start the school year online, we share a newly released series of images that capture what deeper learning looked like before schools…
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July 2020 Community Schools News

This month, we celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision on June 18th to uphold DACA. We are also inspired by the thousands of community school youth and teacher activists who filled…
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June 2020 Community Schools News

UCLA Community School in Los Angeles, California. (photo by Allison Shelley for American Education: Images of Teachers and Students in Action) This month, we celebrate the Class of 2020! Graduates…
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May 2020 Community Schools News

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are launching this month a new blog on how community school teachers create opportunities for engaged and rigorous learning–during and beyond this COVID-19…
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April 2020 Community Schools News

Community schools are on the front line of this COVID-19 crisis–working hard to ensure all members of their communities are safe and secure. This month, we feature inspiring stories of collective action and love, not to minimize the enormous equity challenges of the moment but to uplift what it means to be part of a powerful community school. This week also marks the beginning of UCLA’s Spring Quarter and with it we are pleased to release a new Research Practice Partnership Brief: Translanguaging: A Look Inside a High School Geography Classroom.

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March 2020 Community Schools News

This month we celebrate the value of our democracy and the importance of preparing students to engage as active and critical participants in society. As Ira Harkavy reminds us, universities must “contribute to developing and sustaining fair, decent and just democratic societies for all.” University-assisted community schools do just that when they bring together diverse learners to collectively solve problems and celebrate the agency within communities. We are excited to share stories about artivism, political action, our future graduates, and the Rise Up for Equity movement coming to Los Angeles in May.

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