From April, 2018 to June, 2021, the UCLA Center for Community Schooling produced a monthly newsletter that shared the work of students, teachers, community members, partners, and researchers committed to Community Schooling.

June 2020 Newsletter

This month, we celebrate the Class of 2020! Graduates of the UCLA Community School are preparing for bright postsecondary futures–61% to 4-year colleges and 32% to 2-year colleges. In our…

May 2020 Newsletter

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are launching this month a new blog on how community school teachers create opportunities for engaged and rigorous learning–during and beyond this COVID-19…

April 2020 Newsletter

Community schools are on the front line of this COVID-19 crisis–working hard to ensure all members of their communities are safe and secure. This month, we feature inspiring stories of collective action and love, not to minimize the enormous equity challenges of the moment but to uplift what it means to be part of a powerful community school. This week also marks the beginning of UCLA’s Spring Quarter and with it we are pleased to release a new Research Practice Partnership Brief: Translanguaging: A Look Inside a High School Geography Classroom.

March 2020 Newsletter

This month we celebrate the value of our democracy and the importance of preparing students to engage as active and critical participants in society. As Ira Harkavy reminds us, universities must “contribute to developing and sustaining fair, decent and just democratic societies for all.” University-assisted community schools do just that when they bring together diverse learners to collectively solve problems and celebrate the agency within communities. We are excited to share stories about artivism, political action, our future graduates, and the Rise Up for Equity movement coming to Los Angeles in May.

Artivism Exhibit

February 2020 Newsletter

This month we celebrate the community schools movement. We acknowledge growing support and the progress of the movement from New York to California. We also celebrate local leaders of the movement and bid farewell to individuals who make the day-to-day work of community schooling possible. We invite you to learn more by joining us this month at a community school study tour.

January 2020 Newsletter

As we head into 2020, we celebrate the power of community schools to impact the lives of young people and inspire collective action. This month, we highlight efforts to engage youth in climate education and action, advance bilingual education, reimagine and share migration stories, and explore potential career pathways. As one student reflecting on their internship experience reminds us: “It’s really life changing…everyone should have this opportunity to be a good person, to be a part of the community, and add on to society.”  

December 2019 Newsletter

We are thankful this month for the opportunities our students have to engage as powerful change agents in the world. We are also thankful for their teachers and the many community partners who contribute to their schools and the larger effort to advance educational equity.

November 2019 Newsletter

This is a festive month at the UCLA Community Schools. From Día del los Muertos to the Launch Party for the 2020 Rise Up for Equity National Summit and our Fall Study Tour, we invite you to celebrate the power of community-based teaching and learning. We are also pleased to share two new reports– read about Mann UCLA Community School’s second year and the Teacher Powered Schools Network.

October 2019 Newsletter

With the school year now in full swing, we are excited to share a new video released today by ABC that features three UCLA Community School alumni reflecting on their college-going journeys. Last month, we celebrated the UCLA Community School’s 10th birthday and released the school’s annual report: “Ten Years of Growing Together.” This month, we also share infographics that highlight the work of both UCLA Community School sites and a study tour that connected the schools’ work with the larger community schools movement. Finally, it is with great sadness, that we also remember one of our teachers who passed away last week. 

September 2019 Newsletter

This month, we welcome students, teachers, and staff back to school. We celebrated the kick off of our 3rd year partnering at Mann UCLA Community School and, on September 9th, we will celebrate the 10th Birthday of the UCLA Community School!