Year: 2021

June 2021 Community Schools News

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! We are thrilled to celebrate the inaugural graduating class of the Mann UCLA Community School and the 11th graduating class of the UCLA Community School. We also invite you to read a student-authored commentary…
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May 2021 Community Schools News

There has never been a more important moment to celebrate and appreciate teachers. This month, we share a blog that describes how teachers’ instructional vision has led to meaningful learning during the pandemic. We celebrate the work of community teachers…
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Appreciating Teachers’ Instructional Vision

By: Karen Hunter Quartz, Marisa Saunders, Clémence Darriet, Becky French & Cicely Bingener This past week has been “Teacher Appreciation Week.” But after a pandemic year in which many teachers worked relentlessly to adapt and embrace online teaching, many educators don’t…
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April 2021 Community Schools News

This month, we share stories of struggle and accomplishment. We highlight the work of teachers and administrators in elevating and celebrating the voices of Black youth and excellence. We also honor the efforts of the many individuals who aim to…
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March 2021 Community Schools News

This month, we celebrate leadership. Read about how young people across the district, in partnership with parents and educators, have made a difference through their leadership and demand for justice. Collaborative leadership is a pillar of the community schools movement…
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February 2021 Community Schools News

With the new year underway, and with the promise of hope and change, we share an uplifting blog on the anti-racism work at Mann UCLA Community School. We also share news of local community school convenings as well as some…
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